We will do our best to make bold but successful investments to serve as partners.

The Business We're Working
On These Days


TRONIC HOLDINGS has established a strong distribution system between Korea and the United States through various channels since its foundation, and has contributed to the sales and sales expansion of global excellent products.

Recently, raw materials directly needed for manufacturing, such as aluminum, tin (TIN), and fertilizer, are being traded through various countries, with annual MOU result of $700 Million USD

We are experts in brokerage trade. We supply European minerals to China, Korea and Taiwan.  We are also supplying small home appliances from China and Korea to the US and Europe. In addition, brand IP-related businesses are conducted in the United States, Canada, Korea, and Taiwan. Intermediary trade turnover of the IP business is $47 million USD. The transit trade of small home appliances is $27 million USD (2022).
The transit trade of minerals is close to $200 million USD annually.

TRONIC HOLDINGS will continue to do its best to explore the market by constantly expanding its horizons without being complacent about the current situation.

We will continue to work to find a way for us and our partners to succeed together.

Starting a new business can be a pleasant and rewarding experience, but at the same time, it can be hard work. 
A successful business requires professional and systematic setup and planning from the beginning. 
TRONIC HOLDINGS is providing business consulting on the basis of its own.Understand each client's unique requirements and issues and provide actionable advice and manuals.
All of the consulting planned with TRONIC HOLDINGS raises your chances of being above your competitors and successful.

B2C products and B2B products should be approached from a completely different direction.
Unlike ordinary consumers, services, solutions, and resale casting are needed for corporate consumers.
Finding potential customers by fully understanding the characteristics of B2B products with few impulse purchases is the most important part.

TRONIC HOLDINGS will help you maintain a steady and continuous effect by continuously conducting marketing rather than short-term results.

Using excellent domestic ingredients, we make products that can be enjoyed by the whole family and give you a healthy meal.
Quality inspection is carried out throughout the production process, such as raw material warehousing and production-shipping-safety testing.
We manufacture various types of natural condiments (pack type, tablets, etc.) through abundant know-how accumulated for more than 10 years.

We are researching and making delicious snacks that anyone can enjoy.
But more important than taste is how nutritious and eco-friendly ingredients are made.
Typically, enjoy delicious time with waffle snacks, fruits, banana chips made of grilled grains, and deep-fried sweet potato sticks snacks.

Ultimately, We want to help you make a better life with better food and services.

Fresh groceries and various miscellaneous goods are procured and supplied locally on a one-stop basis.

We are trying to find manufacturers' products through direct production, and we are supplying traditional Korean food to the latest fashionable products.

We always make efforts to find eco-friendly products a top priority, and I am doing business with the idea of importing food for my family.

We have been supplying Teokbokki, Korea's representative snacks, and rice noodles for Asian people to the Korean market in the United States.

Tteokboki supplies products using various raw materials in consideration of the tastes of not only Koreans but also Americans, and rice noodles handle OEM-made products by Nongshim, Korea's leading food manufacturer.
In addition, various frozen foods such as refrigerated ships and fish cakes are also imported and distributed through various channels.

From mobile accessories to large home appliances, TRONIC HOLDINGS' old OEM manufacturing experience and marketing help partners manufacture successful IT products. 
In particular, we have experience in actual manufacturing cases and various market development for small electronic products based on advanced IT.
TRONIC HOLDINGS participates in the development of products from initial design to central operating technology, and also develops and holds various patents related to it. If you join us, we will help you with a high success rate in the development of IT products and market development.

We help you open your business efficiently through specialized marketing and professional manpower created with TRONIC HOLDINGS' long-standing know-how.
We strive to maximize franchise profits through efficient systems among departments such as marketing department, management support, R&D, logistics, and sales SV of the headquarters.
We focused on providing better service quality, including enterprise-wide promotional marketing and store interior and BI reorganization.Trust is the most important thing in the franchise business. 
We will do our best to make bold but successful investments to serve as partners.