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What is E2 VISA?


It is a visa issued to those who want to operate a business in the United States through small investment, 
and it is described as a "small investment visa."

It is possible if you have normal identification of assets, criminal history, etc. 
and a firm commitment to immigration to the United States.

It has the advantage of solving the problems of children's education and obtaining permanent residency through rapid procedures, 
and solving problems such as establishing a foundation for living in the United States at once.


First, It provides professional management consulting in connection with businesses directly operated by TRONIC HOLDINGS.

Second, The E2 VISA All Care Program will guide you through reasonable and legitimate solutions for funding sources and asset withdrawals.

Third, We offer a permanent residency program in the United States to stabilize your residence and status in the United States.

Advantages of TRONIC HOLDINGS' E2-VISA Program


It is possible to obtain a visa (E-2) through a business directly operated by TRONIC HOLDINGS, enabling more stable investment. In addition, the risk burden can be minimized by operating through TRONIC HOLDINGS's own operation management agency service.

The program's main goal is to provide a solution for a stable stay in the United States.

We will continue to help you to stay in the U.S. legally and stably through direct business operations.

You can receive your child's educational services on the same terms as a permanent resident of the United States.
Get more systematic and reliable education services with free public school education services.

Through E2 VISA, not only your own business investment but also your partner's employment opportunities can be guaranteed. There is a work permit where a companion spouse can work together in the United States and generate income.
TRONIC HOLDINGS Investment in Direct Operations Businesses

It is possible to obtain a stable and successful investment visa through a franchise start-up.
Through the start-up of a single parent who can make small investments, it is possible to create stable business income while staying in the United States.
Franchise business operation management agency service

Acting manager of GGANBU Franchiser.

Ensuring basic returns through systematic and efficient operation of the headquarters of GGANBU without operating a franchise directly.

Operational management agency service process

Initial investment

In order to avoid the risk of failure due to direct start-up, it is necessary to connect with stable businesses in the United States. 

TRONIC HOLDINGSs' direct franchise GGANBU Restaurant franchise contract

Operation management agency

TRONIC HOLDINGS manages the operator's GGANBU restaurant agency.

Stable business operations are possible through headquarters professionals and sales know-how

Fixed monthly income payment

Return to all revenue business owners except some prescribed management agency fees.
(5% of revenue - subject to agreement)

Reduce risk and secure fixed returns due to immature initial direct operations.

Why GGANBU Restaurant Start-ups Are Successful

Basically, business operation is required for new application or renewal of E2 VISA.

The procedural method of initial application and the submission of a report for future renewal also require careful consulting. 

Business sales, profits, and employment status will be reviewed, and selecting a business that can be managed continuously and systematically is the most important, and Tronic Holdings' GGANBU restaurant franchise business is the most reasonable alternative. 
Reduced initial investment risk rate by providing various investment strategies such as small investment plans,
permanent residency acquisition guarantee plans, fixed-income plans, and operating agency service plans.

It is a franchise directly operated by a company specializing in investment management in the U.S.,
increasing the initial success rate with an understanding and expertise in the U.S. market.

Business capable of follow-up management

Popular dining menu

It is the most popular and least-failed dining menu in the United States, such as chicken and grill asado. And it is a menu that can be enjoyed with eyes and recognized for its taste with GGANBU's unique menu development and signature seasoning developed by itself.
Collective purchase system

Distribution of food ingredients, seasonings, sauces, and various items at reasonable prices and volumes using the Master Franchise's collective purchase system.
POS Direct Supply

Automatic sales calculation is possible through direct management of the headquarters, so business owners can focus only on store operation.
Public Relations Marketing Support

Various marketing support for sales expansion 
(delivery app linkage, TV, radio media advertisement, SNS viral promotion)
3-DAY Education System

3-DAY Education System for Fast and Efficient Initial Operation (Cooking Education - Theoretical Education - Management and Operation Agency)
Custom store interior

Guests are attracted by strengthening their attention with differentiated interior and exterior through direct design guides of the headquarters
Reasonable membership fees

We promise a fast and stable initial start-up success with easy initial membership fees and operating royalty.
Operation agency service

Operation agency service of GGANBU headquarters if there is a difficulty in directly operating the store in a way that other consulting companies cannot try

Investment (E-2) Visa progress and qualification conditions

Rapid screening and unlimited quota conditions.
Online visa applications through the U.S. Embassy enable rapid and rapid screening.

U.S. trade treaty
national Investor

Nationality holders of the United States and the State of the Trade Treaty in the form of individuals, partners and corporations.

Korean nationality available
Directly operated
legal businesses

It is possible if more than 50% of the business is owned by the citizens of the treaty country.

50% or more of the business

an investment in sufficient funds for a business to operate successfully.

USD 450,000 on average
investment destination

Obtain an E-2 visa within six months through a founder of a GGANBU franchise.

Franchise start-up investment
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