Here are the moments that TRONIC HOLDINGS has passed

We have always done our best for global trading,

and we will continue to do so


Participation in an Anaheim Food Fair 2024 (with JWELLFOOD CO.,LTD)

GGANBU Franchise Business Launching
We are launching / operating various restaurant franchises integrated under the GGANBU brand

GGANBU Waffle Snack Official Launch / Entering the US Market
GGANBU Launches Natural Seasoning Modification/Enters US Market

U.S./Vietnam overseas expansion
We are looking for overseas market development by participating in various international exhibitions and convention events.

Participation in a number of overseas exhibitions and export consultations with a big goal of overseas expansion
2020 Japan GIFTEX / 2019 LA KCON Convention / 2019 Thailand COSMEX / 2018 Global Sourcing Fair / 2017 Tokyo Gift Fair etc.
Korea Technology Venture Certification
Korea won the Seoul Award Design Award (Hydrogen Mist)
Smartphone film automatic cutting system technology patent (patent number 10-2111158)
Method and System for automatically cutting a film
Acquiring an official license for Kakao Friends (sold in the U.S.)

OEM Manufacturing of IT Beauty Devices, Delivery to Department Stores in Korea
Development of Wireless Charging Pack for Table
Yamada Electric, Japan, supplies promotional materials for mobile devices

Development of GGANBU, a Korean food franchise
Securing an Official License for Moncross Brands
Tabletop / Handy Fan OEM Manufacturing and Supply to Shinil Industrial
At the request of CJ and Shinil Industrial, a special dehumidifier for bathroom is planned and proposed

U.S./ Vietnam Active Overseas Expansion With Completion of Approximately KRW 10 Billion Contract
Exclusive licensing of 3 brands through Chinese online retailer
As a result of active overseas expansion, the U.S. and Vietnam have completed a delivery contract worth 10 billion won
It supplies mobile accessories to Samsung Electronics and large domestic telecommunication companies 
  (SK, KT, LG U+)
Xiaomi provides mobile accessories and household appliances

2015 ~ 2011
Established a U.S. subsidiary (Tronic Holdings Co., Ltd.) to sell various household items 
such as mobile accessories, baby products, and cosmetics in the U.S
Our OEM factory operates in China
RE-Born to Tronic Holdings Co., Inc in California. (head office)
Hyundai Motor Group contract an official vendor supplier
Tronic Korea contract an official vendor , supply to Samsung Group 
(Samsung Welstory, Everland, Samsung Life insurance etc)
Tronic Korea office open​
Auto de Sueno Paraguay Office open​
Used Car Export to Latin America

2010 ~ 2005
EU Tronic Brazil office open
Hyundai Mobis Hi-Pass System 1st tier exclusive wholesaler in Korea
Parktronic Rear view CCD camera supply to Volks Wagen Korea, Peugeot Korea, Ford Korea, etc​
World's first DVR system launched in Korea. USA office open in Los Angeles (Parktronic USA)
Parktronic ultrasonic sensor manufacturing​
Established a holdings company in Korea