brand in brief

GGANBU is a Korean food franchise founded in 2017. (Chicken, tteokbokki, fish cake, etc.)

Now, it is aggressively expanding its franchises not only in Korea but also in the United States.
However, it will captivate our sponsors with more innovative technology to enter the nation's top food brand.
GGANBU is one of the long-lasting brands in Korea. 
And we will continue to strive to contribute to people's healthy diet.

GGANBU is a Korean Food franchise that was born in 2017.

​Now, not only in Korea but also in the United States are aggressively expanding its affiliates.

A typical Menu

GGANBU studies for a long time before a single menu is available to create our own taste.

Therefore, rather than expanding the new field, we are trying to develop the most delicious and healthy taste by focusing on one menu.

We are building a brand's long-term competitiveness by increasing customer satisfaction.
Factory and lab Infrastructure

Every menu we make should now be a dish, not just a dish. So the institute is developing a new menu.

Satisfying consumer tastes based on five years of accumulated know-how and scientific data.
We always make and supply clean and reliable materials through management.

For example, clean facilities and cold chain systems.
We are constantly striving for food that can be eaten deliciously anytime, anywhere.

So the institute is developing a new menu.